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Master classes

Boost your skills, make new friends, and have loads of fun!

These days, a young musician needs many strings to their bow – musical talent, song-writing skills, technical know-how, performance presence, improvisation abilities on-and-off-stage, right through to knowing how to market and record their own music.

Good news! At iRock we host a Masterclass at the end of every term for music students (Years 3-12) wanting to dive deep into topics not covered at length in their standard music lessons. 

These 1-hour classes are a great opportunity for students to boost their skills, musical knowledge and confidence, and are only $33 per class!

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iRock Music Studios

 Some of the topics we cover include:

– The art of song-writing

– How to become a recording artist from your bedroom

– Insider secrets on performance presence

– Improvisation skills with special guest teachers

– Become a rhythm genius

Next Masterclass is 'Rhythm Genius'

Limited places. Book your ticket before it's too late!

Monday 30 March 5.30 - 6.30pm

iRock Music Studios

Rhythm Genius:

  • How to train their ears for rhythm and timing
  • Practising tempo with a metronome
  • The art of beat dividing
  • Writing in “the count”
  • Areas they can improve their own rhythm
  • Take-home exercises
  • How to identify time signature of songs
  • Rhythm Battles
  • Name games
  • Food rhythms 

Ready to Rock n' Roll?

Once students are confident on their instrument, we give them the opportunity to join one of our Rock Bands, where they’ll continue their music education with others, meet new friends, and experience life like a real rock star!