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Music Lessons

Music lessons with a difference!

We’ve developed a proven curriculum that’s designed to get your child or teen excited about music and their instrument, while also teaching them skills and techniques that complement the Board of Studies NSW.

Our program (split into four levels) is perfect for students wanting to learn an instrument but not quite ready to join a band. We show them how to hone their craft with set goals and criteria to work towards through each school term.

In each lesson, students also have the freedom to choose the style of music and songs they want to play, giving them a sense of ownership and greater interest when learning.

We offer weekly lessons across a range of instruments including guitar lessons, piano lessons, drum lessons, bass lessons and singing lessons to name just a few, and there’s a Sydney music tutor for all levels from absolute beginner right up to students completing the HSC and beyond.

iRock Music Studios

How it Works:

  • Lessons can be booked in 30-minutes, 45-minutes or 1-hour timeslots
  • We run these out of our iRock HQ in Sydney’s Northern Suburbs and a handful of other locations that can be provided on request
  • Our private tuition curriculum is modelled to complement what your child is learning in the classroom, giving them extra skills and techniques they need to master their instrument
  • We have set criteria for lessons, but give students the choice of the genre and songs they want to play. Greater choice = better results!

Ready to Rock n' Roll?

Once students are confident on their instrument, we give them the opportunity to join one of our Rock Bands, where they’ll continue their music education with others, meet new friends, and experience life like a real rock star!