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Is your young muso ready to start their very own rock band?

Get excited! We have a program that will take them up the charts to rock star territory.

iRock bands are a great way for students, who are confident on their instrument, to take their music to the next level, learn new skills, and meet some new like-minded friends in the process.

We have carefully designed a rock band program, suitable for all ages and abilities, across eight levels.

Each level tackles topics such as musical genres, improvisation, stage presence, songwriting, rhythm, music history, working together as a band, and so much more!

Students can join an existing group or form their very own band and band name. At the end of this program (each level runs a semester), your child will perform in the ultimate concert leaving as a confident performer with extensive knowledge of all things music.

We think of Rock Bands like a sport. You go to training (music lessons) to play on game day... aka Rock Band.

iRock Music Studios

Benefits of joining a band

  • Being part of an ensemble will test students’ musical skills – rhythm, harmony, songwriting, improvisation and knowledge of other instruments
  • They’ll be part of a group of like-minded musicians of a similar age = new friends!
  • Plenty of performance opportunities throughout the year
  • Live gigs in the community
  • Improved self-confidence when playing and performing
  • Learning how to be in sync with band mates
  • Applying the learned skills from individual lessons into a fun and practical environment.

When students join our rock bands, their skills and motivation sky rocket.

Ready to rock n roll?