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Our Story

iRock began as a dream for a starry-eyed young muso, Toby J.

Toby wanted to be a rock star in a “cool” band. He wanted to perform on the big stage like all the musicians he admired. And that’s what he did. At the age of four, he picked up his first instrument, the violin, before moving onto the saxophone, piano, guitar, vocals, and drums.

It was clear from the beginning, Toby was born to play music. Turns out he was also born to teach!

After graduating at the Australian Institute of Music majoring in both Classical and Contemporary Degrees, for the next 15 years he enjoyed great success performing Internationaling and in the Sydney music scene while teaching privately across a wide variety of Sydney schools. 

It was during this time he discovered that there were no rock or pop band programs or opportunities for students to shine playing rock star instruments such as the guitar, drums, singing, and keyboard. Every orchestra and concert band he had seen was tailored toward string, wind and brass instruments. 

Toby thought to himself ‘surely there were others out there who wanted to play fun and contemporary music. It was then he decided to break the mould and drum roll please…iRock was born.

iRock Music Studios